Chronicles of SubmissionProgressive Heavy Metal Thrash Band - Nashville, TN

Chronicles of Submission, new progressive heavy metal thrash band from Nashville, TN, is currently in the studio working on their first CD.

Chronicles of Submission New Album CoverChronicles of Submission is a new progressive heavy metal thrash band coming straight from the bowels of the Nashville, TN metal underground. Although the country capital of the world, dominated by the twang of steel guitar and pretty little girls in shiny costumes, this has never had any effect on the aggression or passion in Chronicles of Submission.


Formed in 2012, the group was started by Scott Mincey (drums) and Don Corn (vocals). Looking to push their internal envelope, they decided to combine years of thoughts and music to make the band they had always wanted. With backgrounds based in trash/death metal and an open minds, they came up with the beginnings of Chronicles. Scott came in with recordings to start the project and Don began the process of arranging patterns and developing lyrics. Once the first song was established they knew that this endeavor was exactly what they had been striving for. With 5 songs put to demo, they started the search for other members to complete the package.


Russell Hudgins (guitar) was introduced into the band in January of 2013. His grasp of what was already in place and his drive to write new material immediately pushed the group into overdrive to get this product live.


Russell’s re-connection with John Hooper (bass) came in March of 2013. John followed suit in his retention of the songs, and his instant commitment to the band was equaled by his ability.

"The silver spoon contaminates, still we consume it all." - The Stringless Puppet

Chronicles of Submission